Green Roofs Gaining Ground

green roof photo: Green Roofs Gaining Ground

The surface area of green roofs installed in 2013 grew by 10 per cent over 2012, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) reports.

Green Roofs Gaining Ground

GRHC, a member-based nonprofit industry association for green roof and wall professionals in North America, conducts an annual survey of its members.

According to its survey, GRHC members installed 596,580 square metres in 2013 on 950 projects, up from 519,151 square metres installed in 2012 on 982 projects. The area installed on public projects grew compared to that on private projects, whereas in past years the public/private balance had been more equal. The number of private projects installed was far higher, indicating that the public projects were much larger than the private projects.

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