The Rogue Tiny House Emerges

The Rogue Tiny House, the project I’ve been building for about a year, is finally on its way to its new home outside Dolores, Colorado. Erica and I bought a 4.5-acre parcel near the confluence of the Dolores River and the West Fork of the Dolores River, with plenty of room for the Rogue and Atelier E, her tiny house. It’s a stunningly beautiful area with endless options for muckin’ around outside. Durango, Colorado, is about 70 minutes to the southeast, and Telluride, Colorado, is about 70 minutes to the northeast.

We need to finish the interiors of the two homes, as well as set up plumbing, electricity, and so on. When the building part is done, we will make one or both houses available on AirBnb. We’re looking forward to visitors!

image of the Rogue leaving the build site.

It’s a snug fit back at the build site in the Oregon forest, but that tiny house will emerge unscathed.

image Rogue Tiny House on the road.

The Rogue is finally on the way.

image of the Rogue Tiny House in Wells, Nevada.

The Rogue in Wells, Nevada, on the way to Colorado.

image of Atelier E, Erica's tiny house, leaving for the Colorado property.

Atelier E, Erica’s tiny house, leaving for the Colorado property.

image of the property in the Dolores River Valley.

Atelier E and the Rogue will settle down on this property in the Dolores River Valley.

The Tiny House Is Under Construction

The tiny house is under construction!

Here’s the nearly completed design for my first tiny house build. I came up with most of it, with help from my partner, Erica, who is also building a tiny house. My friend, architect John Fitzpatrick, set it all up in CAD, including the framing plan. Great to have real plans to work from. I bought the 26′ trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers in Gresham, Oregon.

tiny house construction

This is getting close to finished; just details left.


tiny house construction

The first wall sections are coming together on Erica’s project


Dee Williams Tiny House

Dee Williams tiny house photo

Dee Williams tiny house

Here’s a New York Times article about Dee Williams’ tiny house. With just 84 square feet, this one is really tiny. It’s well designed and beautifully crafted, and a couple photovoltaic panels provide her electricity. She has it parked on a friend’s lot, which seems to be the major issue with tiny houses—where do you put it?

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Is This the Best Tiny House Design?

Wow, this is a well-conceived and constructed tiny house! No surprise that yacht construction was an inspiration for design and materials. This home crams more useable features into the space than any other tiny home I’ve seen. So is this the best tiny house design?

Minim House, tiny house interior, kitchen

The Minim House, a superior tiny house design.


the Minim House exterior

The Minim House lives at Boneyard Studios.


Minim House sofa, bathroom, bedroom.

Another view of the interior.


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