What The Hell Is Community Solar?

Clean Energy Collective, Lowry facility

400 kW of clean solar power in action


Clean Energy Collective’s 400 kW facility at the old Lowry Air Force Base places a state-of-the art solar array into production where anyone with an electric bill can invest in solar electricity. It’s Denver County’s first community-owned solar array.

What The Hell Is Community Solar?

The state’s Solar Gardens legislation paved the way. More info herehere, and here. For existing buildings, and buildings undergoing renovation, this makes a lot of sense. You and I can invest in solar power without having to deal with panels on our roofs, maintenance, and so on.

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Ever Heard of Solar Gardens?

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Clean Energy Collective is a for-profit company that builds and operates medium-sized photovoltaic installations called “solar gardens.” As an electric user, you can purchase a solar panel or panels in a solar garden and receive a credit for the electricity the panels produce.

The basic idea is the same as a solar installation on your own roof, with a few advantages:

  • The PV array is located in a suitable location, free from any trees or other potential obstructions.

  • You don’t have to modify your home or business.

  • You own the panels, but don’t need to own a home, so renters can buy and support renewable power too.

  • CEC will maintain the panels, inverters, and so on for the life of the installation.

Last Saturday I joined about 30 other people at the company’s Cowdery Meadows site for a tour. This 500 kW project uses 2016 photovoltaic panels, and is located outside Boulder, near Superior, Colorado.

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Mke Dow of Clean Energy Collective talks with attendees at the Cowdery Meadow solar garden facility.