Advances in Photovoltaic Technology

image: light-sensitive nanoparticle; Advances in Photovoltaic Technology

Paint-on solar cells? They’re on the way.

Advances in Photovoltaic Technology

Recent advances in material technology could soon lead to more advanced solar cells that can be painted or printed onto a surface, such as thin films and roofing materials.

 A new class of solar-sensitive nanoparticle, developed by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, outperforms current versions of light-sensitive nanoparticles.

Post-doctoral researcher Zhijun Ning and Professor Ted Sargent have led the work on colloidal quantum dots, manufactured nanoparticles that generate electricity from sunlight. Their research could “lead to cheaper and more flexible solar cells, as well as better gas sensors, infrared lasers, infrared light emitting diodes and more.”

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