Restoring and Reusing Degraded Landscapes

High Line Restoring and Reusing Degraded Landscapes

New York City’s High Line is an elevated greenbelt.

 Restoring and Reusing Degraded Landscapes

In 1992, Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson wrote: “Here is the means to end the great extinction spasm. The next century will, I believe, be the era of restoration in ecology.”

Check out this Sourceable article about restoring degraded landscapes with ecological restoration. New York City’s High Line park, China’s Loess Hills, and Minneapolis’ riverfront have all been reclaimed and are now useable and beautiful.

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Great News About Energy and Environmental Restoration

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From an environmental standpoint, there’s plenty to be concerned about. But there’s also great news about energy and environmental restoration. Filmmaker John Liu’s “Green Gold” shows the remarkable restoration of degraded areas in China and Ethiopia. The speed with which degraded landscapes can be stabilized then improved is surprising.


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Amory Lovins’ article from August 15 debunks critical accounts of Germany’s success in using renewable energy. Germany produced nearly 25% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2012. Great to learn what works.