Waste and Renewables Make for Better Bricks

image bricks; Waste and Renewables Make for Better Bricks

Waste and recycled materials can create high-performance bricks that don’t need energy-intensive kiln firing.

Waste and Renewables Make for Better Bricks

Brick is one of the most commonly used building materials worldwide.

Typically made of a clay mixture and then kiln fired, brick is usually made from local resources and requires straightforward building techniques which have, in most cases, gone unchanged for generations. Kiln firing of bricks greatly strengthens them, but uses vast quantities of wood, coal, natural gas, and other fuels. Brick-making also pumps an average of 1.4 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere per brick, and creates air pollution in developing countries such as India and China.

Alternative options for materials can address these issues, however, while also making use of waste materials.

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