Energy Efficient Homes Can Be Beautiful, Affordable, and Durable

Here’s an article about Blue Ridge Energy Systems of Fletcher, North Carolina. Nice looking projects, with a history of energy efficiency and fine craftsmanship. In fact, they claim that heating and cooling for their typical homes will total less than $200 per year, and they can build it at roughly the same cost as a convention home.

The homes are Energy Star certified, but not Passive House certified. A $200 annual heating and cooling bill sounds a lot cheaper than meeting rigorous Passive House standards.

energy efficient home,

A project built by Blue Ridge Energy Systems of Fletcher, North Carolina.

Their building method is a pretty basic approach for this sort of house: comprehensive air sealing, lots of insulation, a heat recovery ventilator, triple-pane windows, heat pumps, and solar electric.

What’s more, today’s approach is an evolution of the methods the company’s founder, Robin Woodward, has used since the 1970s. Just a reminder that practices can evolve but principles remain constant. It’s good to know that energy efficient homes can be beautiful, affordable, and durable.

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