5 Great Things About the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair

All right! It’s time for another Energy Fair! This Thursday, June 14, I’ll be driving to Custer, Wisconsin, for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 23rd annual Energy Fair. If you’re into sustainable living and building and energy, this event is one of the most interesting and compelling of the year. Besides the camaraderie of like-minded people, you can learn so much through more than 200 workshops, as well as from the vendors and exhibits.

Here are 5 great things that attract me to the Energy Fair each year:

  • 1. Free education at the workshops; it’s incredible how much you can learn from the speakers, and how many workshops there are! In each time slot, there are usually 15-18 workshops happening simultaneously.
  • 2. Inspirational stories from people who have done it (built a wind turbine, or a veggie car conversion, or a tiny home) and from the keynote presenters who are typically working on global issues such as climate change and sustainable agriculture.
  • 3. Great local beer from Central Waters Brewing, a food court where you can meet new friends and chat, and fun musical entertainment!
  • 4. Hands-on demos so you can see how it’s done in real life, by people who do it.
  • 5. Fascinating demos by my friend Roald Gundersen, of Whole Trees fame. Roald uses whole trees and branched columns in his buildings, and has been involved in pioneering research at the U.S. Forest Products Lab in Madison to quantify the strength of branched columns. I’m looking forward to hearing the latest.

In addition, there’s a Clean Energy car show, a Green Home Pavilion, and Sustainable Tables that demonstrate sustainable methods for transportation, home building, and food production, respectively. I’ll see you at the Energy Fair!

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