Sustainable Doesn’t Have to Cost More

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Builders and architects are learning how to build energy efficient homes at cost parity.

┬áSustainable doesn’t have to cost more

Here’s another article for Builders and architects are making loads of progress and are learning how to build extremely energy-efficient homes at a competitive cost. It’s now true: sustainable doesn’t have to cost more.

Adam Cohen of Structures Design/Build has now built an eye-catching, traditionally styled home in Virginia for about $150/square foot. And it’s a certified Passive House, no less!

Here’s another approach, from Blue Ridge Energy Systems in North Carolina.

And here’s the Newenhouse, a Passive House in Viroqua, Wisconsin, with yet another approach.

Newenhouse, Passive House, sustainable doesn't have to cost more

The NewenHouse front facade, as seen from Hickory Street.

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