Hire Me for Writing

Thanks for your interest in my services. At this point, you may have some questions about the process, so have a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of projects do you work on?

I typically write web site content, online articles, print articles, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, reports, catalogs, brochures, marketing collateral, and direct mail.

How do you quote projects?

I favor evaluating each project after I have your project brief, which means we define the project in some detail. Then I’ll choose one of the following:

  • quote a project as a whole
  • quote a rate per word
  • quote an hourly rate.

I need to know if I have existing resources to draw from, how much research is needed, and define the deadlines. At that point, I aim to provide you with a project quote so you know what to expect from me.

For recurrent projects such as blog posts, let’s talk about the schedule that you’d like to adhere to, along with length per post, and research required per post.

What about revisions?

I aim to see minimal revisions to the first draft, but I work on the projects until you decide it’s ready for the readers. All I ask is that you provide revisions within two weeks of receiving a draft. Projects such as scheduled blog posts may require a different approach, so we can talk about that.

How do we get started?


This depends on the fee arrangement for the project. In general, after we come to an agreement, please sign and return the fee agreement, which is the project quote I submit. At that time, I require 50 percent of the flat project fee to begin work. I will invoice the remaining 50 percent two weeks after submitting the initial draft. That amount is due within 15 days of the invoice date. If we decide on a model of recurring content, we can arrange for monthly invoicing.

Project brief

When we commence a contract, I will send a project brief for your completion, along with a proposed schedule. The brief is crucial in my learning about your company, market position, target audience, competition, and stack-up of products and services. When I receive the completed brief, the schedule is activated and I’ll send you a copy for your sign-off.

At that point, your project is active and we are on the move!

Again, thanks for your interest. Here’s how to contact me: