Welcome to Farmhouse Media! We specialize in e-publishing articles, books, podcasts, videos, and music.

Publishing has gone through a mostly benevolent revolution. Mostly benevolent, I say, because for both readers and writers, we’ve never had it better. E-publishing and self-publishing are making it easy for writers and readers to get together without a giant publisher brokering the deal. And for readers with little money all over the world, e-publishing makes valuable information and entertaining stories cheap—and often free.

Steve Hansen, writer and publisher at Farmhouse Media

Good writing and professional standards are still crucial, though. I worked professionally as a copywriter for more than a decade, and was ready for a change. I wrote articles for print magazines for a time, and started to research self-publishing. When the Kindle store launched and gave self-publishing global exposure combined with unmatched ease of entry, I started to self publish on Kindle and other ebook platforms.

As a writer and publisher, I see unlimited opportunity in e-publishing. This medium is unstoppable, and is helping to spread information globally that has been hard to find and under-published.

Besides publishing, my professional focus is on promoting global adoption of sustainable practices and greening the hell out of the cities. I usually write about related topics, including: sustainable communities; affordable, green building; outdoor adventure, recreation, and travel; and achieving and maintaining fitness and health.

Currently, we’re just using the Kindle store, but before too long, we’ll also use Smashwords to publish through the iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, and Barnes and Noble. Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you would like to see here in our bookstore and blogs.