Here’s A Relatively Affordable LEED Platinum Prefab Home

Living Homes, a builder of prefab homes, now offers their C6 model at a cost of $145 per square foot, or $179,000 for the three-bedroom, 1,232 square-foot model. That does not include the lot, foundation, trucking from the factory, or installation, but is a relatively affordable LEED Platinum prefab home. The company has several designs priced at $145 per square foot, all in the modern vernacular.

The C6 model is Energy Star certified, superinsulated, and uses materials like fiber-cement or cedar siding, cork flooring, and low-VOC finishes. I think they’re attractive homes, and I’m impressed that the cost is dropping while the performance is improving. I wonder if they’re insulated well enough to reach net-zero status here in Wisconsin. I’ve inquired and will update this post when I find out.

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YouTube Preview Image


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