About Farmhouse Media

Welcome to Farmhouse Media! I specialize in crafting copy, blog posts, and articles that convey your unique message.

Steve Hansen, writer and publisher at Farmhouse Media

Writing is a fun and fascinating profession. Most days, I talk with interesting people and learn about what they’re working on. Then I help them communicate with the people who can benefit from that work, with projects like web copy, articles, blogs, white papers, catalogs, brochures, and direct mail. My main gig is helping my clients serve their clients with creativity, openness, and professionalism. 

If you need a writer with the ability to tell your story and maintain your brand integrity, please contact me and let’s discuss your project.

Thanks for your interest!


“You’re one of few freelance writers with whom I’ve worked who I could count on to consistently meet deadlines and write a compelling story.” Cary Heyer, Manager of Public Relations at Madison College