A Tiny House In the Back Yard


Here’s a great staccessory dwelling unitory illustrating how different housing arrangements, such as a tiny house in the back yard, can meet a variety of needs and wants. For aging parents; young adults juggling college, traveling, and volunteering; or friends who need little space, it’s a great way to stay connected to friends and family, while ensuring that everyone has some space.

Adding a tiny home is a sort of infill development, and helps to enliven older neighborhoods. Large suburban lots, of course, will have plenty of room for tiny homes, which can help to enhance the feel of community.

One of the main issues is prohibitive regulations, as adding another housing unit of any size is often prohibited. And many people are concerned about their property values and seeing junky shacks constructed as rental units. Valid concerns, but no reason to prohibit tiny homes outright. You’ll see the term “accessory dwelling unit” applied to buildings like tiny homes, and it’s an acknowledgement that building codes and zoning regulations can adapt.

Lloyd Kahn’s latest book, Tiny Homes, offers hundreds of creative examples of small dwellings, from cheap and funky to surprisingly expensive. Deek over at Relax Shacks will show you inventive ideas as well. And Kent Griswold of The Tiny House Blog covers the topic extensively.


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